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Moscato di Scanzo new Docg a premium to the tenacity , 26 feb 2009

Important national recognition for the world wine Lombard. Moscato di Scanzo has obtained the DOCG. The wine produced in the hills of the town of Scanzorosciate, in the province of Bergamo, becomes the fifth Docg of Lombardy. "After the bubbles of Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese, large red DOCG Valtellina with the upper Valtellina and Sforzato - recalls the regional Agriculture, Luca Daniel Ferrazzi - is the shift from a sweet wine grape. All-bearer of a world, that of wine from Lombardy, which has about 15,000 employees and a cultivated area of 23,400 hectares. " A few, a few years ago, would have wagered on the Muscat of Scanzo, given that in the nineties to the wine had been denied the Doc and was autonomous only recognized the words "Valcalepio Passito Moscato di Scanzo", ie treated as a by Doc Valcalepio But the winemakers of Scanzo have not surrendered and were established in the Consortium to improve the product and get the first Doc, arrived in 2002, and today Docg.
The Ministry of Agriculture in recent months has conducted a series of inspections and investigations to verify the suitability of wine for meditation bergamasco and there was the trial of a special committee chaired by Second Scanavino and consists of ten wine experts from across Canada , then the public hearing in the Chamber of Commerce. From these audits is not got no objection, but the ministry officials led by Stefania Fedeli have praised the producers of Scanzo for order, cleanliness and efficiency of their plants.

What changes. "In practical terms a minute - says the chairman of the Consortium, Paolo Bendinelli - in the sense that for us the objective of Docg was essentially a matter of prestige. Manufacturers continue to do their work as before. The specification has been enhanced with some points and so there will be more controls on the production and supply chain, with more safeguards for consumers. Certainly, the Docg help to appreciate this tiny but beautiful hilly area still, to some extent, misunderstood. "

The DOCG Moscato di Scanzo will be characterized by the smallest of Italy: the area of production is limited to the hills of the town of Scanzorosciate (Bg) and producers are 39, of which 32 members of the Consortium for the protection. Muscat is one of Scanzo Passito red wine, wine made exclusively from grapes coming from the grape. The DOCG vineyard area is 45 hectares, producing about 55,000 bottles a year. The process is long and laborious. After harvesting, the grapes undergo a drying process for a period of not less than 21 days to reach a suitable level and then the sweet wine made from dried grapes shall be subjected to an aging at least two years.


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